We want to make it as easy as possible to access the Hub so we have several ways to access the EV Hub — your email address and a custom password, your Twitter account, your LinkedIn account, or a Microsoft Office 365 account through Microsoft Office 365 Groups. We use Office 365 for two reasons:

  1. Fewer passwords! Many organizations are moving to a cloud-based IT infrastructure and Office 365 has emerged as a leader in this space. We use the Office 365 authentication service so your username and password for the EV Hub can be the same as your work account if your organization uses Office 365. And if you don’t use Office 365, you can tie your email address (which is your username) to a Microsoft personal account in only a couple minutes. Thus, we’re not managing your password to access the EV Hub — you’re in control. You can connect your Office 365 account with your EV Hub login on your account page here.
  2. File Sharing! We wanted to integrate a file-sharing service on the EV Hub and this feature is core to Office 365 Groups. Through Microsoft SharePoint, we have a comprehensive, familiar file management system that allows you to collaborate on files with your colleagues through your browser, your mobile device, or the desktop apps.