What Is the Road Ahead for Electric Car Sales?

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Sales of traditional new cars were already showing signs of weakness as much of the world reached “peak car” this year. But the coronavirus and the resulting economic fallout are likely to drive sales sharply lower for 2020.
Electric cars were enjoying a fast-growing, but fragile surge prior to the pandemic. Now, even the EV market is taking a hit. A recent Wood MacKenzie study predicts a 43% decline in sales for 2020.
What are the short, medium, and long-term prospects for electric car sales? What changes in the car buying experience can we expect to impact the market? Given these developments, how should work by governments, NGOs, utilities and others to accelerate transportation electrification evolve? 
At this webinar, our speakers will highlight the impact COVID-19 to the electric vehicle industry and provide strategies to continue to accelerate transportation electrification.