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Automakers Shutter Production Facilities as Coronavirus Spreads

Source: New York Times   Automakers around the world face extended production shutdowns as countries fight to stem the outbreak of COVID-19. Accelerating outbreaks in the United States have already extended the freeze on manufacturing by at least two weeks. Automakers in the United States including Ford, GM, and Fiat-Chrysler, which originally planned to reopen [...]

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EV Hub During Coronavirus Pandemic

Source: Forbes   COVID19 has upended so many aspects of our lives that it can be hard to wrap our heads around what this means for transportation electrification. In this post, we won’t dive deep into the market implications because it’s far too early to know how this will play out. Instead, we’ll [...]

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Denver Poised to Become Ride-Hail EV Hotspot

Source: Colorado Sun Colorado burst onto the EV scene in 2019, implementing a suite of new policies designed to kickstart transportation electrification across the state. As a part of this effort, the Centennial State became the 11th to join the ZEV program last year, requiring automakers to ramp up EV offerings in the state to reduce transportation [...]

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GM Moves to Lead U.S. Investment in EVs

Source: The Verge GM shot from third to first in terms of commitment to transportation electrification from automakers in the United States after revealing their new EV strategy last week. On March 4, 2020, the automaker pledged $20 billion to company-wide electrification through 2025 with 20 new EV models expected by the end of [...]

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Forth Leading on TNC Electrification in Portland

Source: EV Hub    Ride-hail trips are 70 percent more polluting than the rides they displace, according to new research from the Union of Concerned Scientists. Nationwide, the number of Transportation Network Company (TNC) vehicles has more than doubled since 2012. In the nine cities where Uber and Lyft ridership is highest, TNC rides [...]

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Retail Industry Leaders Association Investigates Electrifying Fleets

Source: EV Hub   The business case for electrifying vehicle fleets is improving and major retailers are looking for independent analysis on transportation electrification. According to a 2017 report from the United States Department of Transportation, roughly 80 percent of freight is carried over distances less than 250 miles. These vehicles are primary candidates for electrification [...]

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Utility Investment Outside CA Doubled in 2019

Source: EV Hub   Since the state's first approval in 2015, California has been the clear leader in utility investment for every year except in 2017 when the state accounted for only 13 percent of approved investment. As was the case then, utilities outside of California saw a surge in transportation electrification [...]

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A Mixed Bag for EVs in the Final Quarter of 2019

Source: EV Hub   After finishing the year strong with the third-highest quarterly sales ever, the U.S. EV market faces an uncertain path in 2020. Automakers seemed to diverge on approaches to emissions regulations and many fear a divided landscape where automakers must comply with different standards in various states. Despite uncertainty, new advertising efforts [...]

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Super Bowl Ads Reveal New Pitch for EVs

Source: New York Times   By Nick Nigro The passenger EV market has something for everyone right now and reading between the lines reveals that the market is on the verge of a turning point. The extent to which the United States leads or follows during this transition is up to policymakers in [...]

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U.S. EV Sales Down Nine Percent in 2019

Source: EV Hub   The EV industry hit several roadblocks in 2019 and automakers continue to grapple with uncertainty around the future of emissions standards in 2020. Compared to 2018, U.S. passenger EV sales dropped almost nine percent in 2019, which exceeded the 1.6 percent decline for the entire passenger vehicle market. Excluding light truck sales, EV sales [...]

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