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Modifications Required for More than 85 Percent of Approved Utility EV Investment

Source: EV Hub This spotlight is an excerpt from a complete data story linked in the graph above.  Engagement from electric utilities in transportation electrification is on the rise and approved investment now totals almost $1.4 billion, 80 percent of which has occurred in the last two years. The ratio of approved elements [...]

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Making Progress But We’re Running Out of Time

Source: Inside Climate News By Nick Nigro Climate change, software, and urbanization are the three primary drivers of change in mobility today and will continue to push on existing structures throughout the 2020s. Progress on transportation electrification is inextricably linked to each of these factors. To date, policymakers, especially those in Washington, [...]

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A Bright Future: Reflecting on a Decade of EVs

The first mass-market plug-in electric vehicle hit U.S. streets in late 2010, about a year after I landed in DC. By the end of this year, millions will have been sold worldwide and nearly $350 billion will have been committed to electrify the transportation sector. Looking back, it’s evident that the rollout of [...]

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GM Ramps Up Battery Investment with New Plant

Source: GM   The flood of new models expected in 2020 is going to require a surge in battery production. Anticipating potential supply crunches as battery demand rises, automakers are stepping up their investment in batteries with several looking to produce them domestically in the United States. GM, which has been under fire from labor groups [...]

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25 Percent of Approved Utility Investment Going to Underserved Communities

Source: EV Hub   Electric utilities have the opportunity to lead in the effort to expand transportation electrification in underserved communities. These communities are an important focus for utilities because they often face disproportionate harm from transportation emissions and utilities as companies that serve the public are well positioned to ensure all segments [...]

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EVs Take Center Stage at the LA Auto Show

Source: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images   There has been a flurry of new model releases in the lead up to and aftermath of this year’s auto show in Los Angeles. While arguably the strangest and most entertaining new release was claimed by Tesla with their space-age cybertruck, other automakers are looking to reinvigorate their [...]

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Only a Quarter of Auto Dealerships are Selling EVs

Source: Sierra Club Car dealerships are doing little to address a persistent shortage of consumer EV awareness, according to an updated study from the Sierra Club. Based on survey results from both phone calls and in-person visits to more than 900 dealerships across every state, the report found that 74 percent of the dealerships [...]

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Leading Automakers Spent Less Than 10 Percent of Advertising Budget on EVs in 2018

Source: NESCAUM   Automaker spending on marketing for conventional vehicles eclipsed the comparably paltry efforts to promote EV offerings in California and the Northeast in 2018, according to a new report by the Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM). The study combines the ad spending on the six most popular [...]

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Regulatory Skirmishes Dominate a Quarter Marked by Lower EV Sales

Source: EV Hub   U.S. EV sales were down 21 percent in the third quarter compared to the same period in 2018. This marks the first quarterly decline in sales since the third quarter of 2015. Even Tesla has experienced declining growth with Model 3 sales down 19 percent compared to last year. Despite [...]

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More than 80 Percent of Approved Utility Programs Include VGI Focus

Source: EV Hub Vehicle-grid integration efforts are increasing as electric utilities are searching for ways to maximize the benefits of the increasing number of EVs on the road, according to new research by Atlas and the Alliance for Transportation Electrification. Outlined in California’s SB-676, VGI programs utilize technology to shape charging patterns in a [...]

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