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Leading Automakers Spent Less Than 10 Percent of Advertising Budget on EVs in 2018

Source: NESCAUM   Automaker spending on marketing for conventional vehicles eclipsed the comparably paltry efforts to promote EV offerings in California and the Northeast in 2018, according to a new report by the Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM). The study combines the ad spending on the six most popular [...]

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Regulatory Skirmishes Dominate a Quarter Marked by Lower EV Sales

Source: EV Hub   U.S. EV sales were down 21 percent in the third quarter compared to the same period in 2018. This marks the first quarterly decline in sales since the third quarter of 2015. Even Tesla has experienced declining growth with Model 3 sales down 19 percent compared to last year. Despite [...]

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More than 80 Percent of Approved Utility Programs Include VGI Focus

Source: EV Hub Vehicle-grid integration efforts are increasing as electric utilities are searching for ways to maximize the benefits of the increasing number of EVs on the road, according to new research by Atlas and the Alliance for Transportation Electrification. Outlined in California’s SB-676, VGI programs utilize technology to shape charging patterns in a [...]

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U.S. EV Sales Down 21 percent in Third Quarter

Total U.S. EV sales for 2019 are 0.5 percent higher than sales through the third quarter of 2018. Some months this year have brought encouraging sales numbers, but it has all been downhill since June for the U.S. EV market. While September brought U.S. EV sales closer to the peak reached in June, the market [...]

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Public Funding for Electric School Buses More Than Doubles in September

Correction: An earlier version of this data story stated that Michigan announced that it will dedicate $13 million of VW Settlement funds to electric school buses. This has been corrected to reflect that Michigan announced it will dedicate $4.2 million of VW Settlement funds to electric school buses.   School is back in session [...]

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Analysis of Charging Use in New York Reveals Pathways to Profitability

Several state agencies, electric utilities, and other organizations in New York are working to accelerate transportation electrification throughout the state. In collaboration with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), Atlas has published a new report assessing the business case for hosting Level 2 charging stations in New York. In addition to concluding [...]

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National Drive Electric Week Coordinates More Than 300 Events Across the Country

Organizations throughout the country are working to promote EVs and increase public awareness around transportation electrification in the United States. These efforts culminate every year in National Drive Electric Week, a nationwide collection of local events led by individuals and groups that highlight the benefits of EVs. The effort is organized by the Sierra Club, Plug-in [...]

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28 States Have Adopted Annual Registration Fees for EVs

States across the country are using EVs as scapegoats for declining revenue for transportation infrastructure, according to a new report from Consumer Reports. The findings agree with our earlier observations from March and May on several bills being considered in state legislatures: EV drivers are often paying disproportionate fees compared to drivers of equivalent gasoline vehicles. In total, 28 states have [...]

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August Marks Second Consecutive Month of EV Sales Dip

Since posting 50 percent growth in June compared to 2018, the EV industry has taken a hit. Following the first monthly sales dip in more than three years this July, August marks the second consecutive month of falling sales in the U.S. EV market. July saw the market shrink by more than 10 percent compared to 2018 and [...]

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