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28 States Have Adopted Annual Registration Fees for EVs

States across the country are using EVs as scapegoats for declining revenue for transportation infrastructure, according to a new report from Consumer Reports. The findings agree with our earlier observations from March and May on several bills being considered in state legislatures: EV drivers are often paying disproportionate fees compared to drivers of equivalent gasoline vehicles. In total, 28 states have [...]

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August Marks Second Consecutive Month of EV Sales Dip

Since posting 50 percent growth in June compared to 2018, the EV industry has taken a hit. Following the first monthly sales dip in more than three years this July, August marks the second consecutive month of falling sales in the U.S. EV market. July saw the market shrink by more than 10 percent compared to 2018 and [...]

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E&E Reporters Prepare for 6,000-mile EV Road Trip

As the EV market continues to grow, drivers are starting to push the limits of these vehicles. Range anxiety continues to weigh heavy on the minds of consumers considering investing in an EV. Increasing vehicle range and decreasing refueling time are core focuses for automakers and charging service providers respectively and are often seen as key barriers facing [...]

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Less Than Two Percent of Utility Investment Going Towards EV Awareness

A significant push in policy development and awareness campaigns is required if EV sales, which reached only around two percent of total U.S. passenger vehicle sales in 2018, are to rise to meet market growth projections. The Energy Information Administration predicts that EVs will account for eight percent of auto sales by 2025 and recent data suggest [...]

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Colorado becomes the 11th State to Join ZEV Program

In deciding to join the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Program last Friday, Colorado demonstrates again that it wants to lead on EV policy. So far in 2019, Colorado has enacted more than five new policies supporting the expanding transportation electrification market in the state. Oregon and Washington are the only other states to enact more than [...]

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Monthly EV sales dip for first time since May 2016

U.S. EV sales declined for the first month since May 2016 in another sign that the U.S. market will struggle to reach the sales level achieved in 2018. While the overall U.S. auto market experienced a sales decline this month, the EV sector was hit particularly hard, with a nearly 11 percent drop compared [...]

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46 States Have Received Funding for Electric Transit Buses

On July 26, 2019, the Federal Transit Administration announced $85 million in awards for all-electric transit buses through the Low- or No-Emission (Low-No) Grant program. This round, 38 states received funding through the program for the purchase of electric buses and supporting charging infrastructure including DC fast, on-route, inductive, and depot charging. The Low-No program is [...]

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EV Hub Second Quarter Review

Mixed signals continue in the EV market through the second quarter of 2019, leaving lingering uncertainty around what the rest of the year may hold. While year-over-year sales growth recovered from 11 percent in the first quarter to 27 percent in the second (reaching an impressive 51 percent year-over-year growth in June), the continuation of tax credit [...]

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5 New EV Partnerships Announced Since June

Amid acceleration in the EV market in June, automakers continue to announce new partnerships to advance electrification commitments. To date, almost $350 billion in private investment has been committed to transportation electrification globally. German and Chinese automakers lead in this arena, accounting for more than 58 percent, or $207 billion, of the total global [...]

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California Leads on Electric Utility Investment with a Transportation Equity Focus

Lack of access to charging infrastructure is a primary barrier to EV adoption. Disadvantaged communities (DACs) typically face a harder time accessing charging than other groups, and electric utilities are well-positioned to bring EVs to communities that might not otherwise have charging access through direct investments in infrastructure. The total amount of electric utility investment in DACs [...]

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