Tesla dominates the EV market. The company has sold 52 percent of all new EVs in 2022 (through the end of July 2022). Tesla’s size – it has sold more EVs than all other companies EV sales combined in 2022 – often overshadows other dynamics in the market. So when we remove Tesla from the picture, we can better see the state of play. The graphic above shows light duty U.S. EV sales by manufacturer (excluding Tesla) since January 2022 through the end of July 2022. The data is pulled from the Automakers Dashboard on Atlas EV Hub.

Let’s start with Hyundai. The company has had a strong start to 2022 and solidified its spot as the first runner up to Tesla, on the back of three popular battery electric vehicles (BEVs) – Hyundai Ioniq 5, Kia Niro EV, and Kia EV6. The company has nearly double the EV sales of the next highest company in 2022 (60,778 sales compared to Stellantis with 33,913 sales).

Stellantis and Ford are effectively tied for third spot in 2022 EV sales (behind Tesla and Hyundai). Ford has been driven by the Mach-E (BEV) and Stellantis driven by Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs), in particular the Jeep Wrangler 4xe. Volkswagen and Geely (owner of Volvo and Polestar) are next.

Then it is Toyota. Toyota was the highest selling automaker in the U.S. in 2021, just not for EVs. The company is well down the list, bolstered by two PHEVs – the Toyota Prius Prime and the Toyota Rav4Prime. The company has sold just over 200 BEVs with the newly released BZ4X vehicle.

To round out the top eight runner ups, BMW and General Motors. In 2021, GM dropped from the top echelon of EV makers to obscurity after a recall of the Chevrolet Bolt. In Q2 2022 however the company has rebounded and is a good bet to keep creeping up the rankings.

Of the other automakers, one one company worth a mention is that of Nissan. The company, which was once an EV pioneer, has faded into the background. In 2014, at its peak, the company sold more than 30,000 EVs. In 2022, Nissan has sold just over 8,000 EVs. Rivian, for reference, which has just emerged on the market, is already at 5,406 sales in 2022.

About the author: Tom Taylor