New Tool Delivers Insights on Highway Revenue Losses

Source: Atlas Public Policy   While the reduction in driving due to shelter-in-place orders has led to cleaner air in some cities, states are grappling with a major decline in road usage revenue and transportation funding as a result of COVID-19. The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials predicts that transportation revenue could drop [...]

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28 States Have Adopted Annual Registration Fees for EVs

States across the country are using EVs as scapegoats for declining revenue for transportation infrastructure, according to a new report from Consumer Reports. The findings agree with our earlier observations from March and May on several bills being considered in state legislatures: EV drivers are often paying disproportionate fees compared to drivers of equivalent gasoline vehicles. In total, 28 states have [...]

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Mapping EV Fee Advancement

EV fees have been a focus in state legislatures around the country in 2019 and new legislation in Illinois proposes the highest EV fee yet. The $1,000 annual registration fee for all-electric vehicles would be a significant increase from the state’s current reduced annual registration fee for EVs of $17.50. It would also far exceed [...]

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