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Interoperability of Public Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

In their new white paper,  the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) covers four core challenges related to public charging infrastructure and how they impact customers, site hosts, and electric companies respectively. For the purpose of this paper, interoperability is defined as the process of harmonizing of standards, technology, and practices for EV charging in a way that provides transparency for customers and encourages ease of use.

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Surveying Consumers on Electric Vehicles

This survey was conducted by Consumer Reports and the Union of Concerned Scientists and shows that interest in electric cars and trucks is strong across the United States and between different income groups. The survey shows that 63 percent of Americans are interested in electric vehicles, and that 31 percent would consider one for their next purchase.

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The surge of electric vehicles in United States cities

The brief analyzes different policy action at the state, local, and utility level and their effects on EV uptake across the United States. It highlights examples across 50 of the most populous metropolitan areas in the country to emphasize successful programs encouraging both EV adoption and charging infrastructure deployment.

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Charging Smart: How EVs Can Integrate with the Grid

The report finds that utilities could reduce the costs of integrating variable resources like wind and solar and spread the costs of maintaining the grid more broadly, reducing electricity rates for non-EV owners. It also argues that EV users could provide utilities with consistent, predictable energy demand and grid operators with abundant and precise data on local conditions.

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Electrifying Shared Mobility Hubs Webinar

During this webinar, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) presented its Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Roadmap for Shared Mobility Hubs (“EVSE Roadmap”) to provide improved connec...

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Electric Vehicle Cost-Benefit Analysis: Arizona

The report contains the findings from a report that estimates the impacts of increasing plug-in electric vehicle use in Arizona. Authors found that increased adoption of clean PEVs would reduce resid...

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Expanding the electric vehicle market in U.S. cities

Assesses the U.S. electric vehicle market and the factors that are driving it. Catalogues electric vehicle promotion activities. Identifies best practice policies in the 50 most populous U.S. metropol...

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EV Emissions Tool

Tool calculates local emissions for EV models

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