Carsharing’s Impact and Future

Carsharing provides members access to a fleet of autos for short-term use throughout the day, reducing the need for one or more personal vehicles. This report reviews key terms and definitions for carsharing, common carsharing business models, and existing impact studies. The report argues that as carsharing evolves toward automation, policies that encourage transportation equity for underserved communities and vehicle sharing (both pooled and sequential) should be explored. 

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L.A.’s Green New Deal: Sustainable City Plan 2019

This report is the first four-year update to the 2015 pLAn. It augments, expands, and elaborates in even more detail L.A.’s vision for a sustainable future, including climate change policy. This report is also referred to as L.A.'s Green New Deal.

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Electrifying Shared Mobility Hubs Webinar

During this webinar, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) presented its Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Roadmap for Shared Mobility Hubs (“EVSE Roadmap”) to provide improved connec...

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Electrifying Carshare Services

A robust charging network and policies supportive of electric vehicles (EVs) are critical to improving the business case for free-floating carshare services. In electrifying these services, the potent...

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Electrifying Ride-Hail Services

Partnerships that electrify ride-hail services are a promising way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from light-duty vehicles and improve the business case for fast charging services. Much like the p...

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EV Shared Mobility Literature Review and State of Play

Electrifying carshare and ride-hail services is a promising way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector and help government achieve their climate change goals, according to r...

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Bay Area Carsharing Implementation Program

This implementation plan is part of the Carsharing strategy for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission's Climate Initiatives Program. This report identifies opportunities to grow carsharing member...

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Lesson Learned from BlueIndy

This case study covers the BlueIndy electric car sharing service located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The case study includes background information, lessons learned, and a discussion of future plans. ...

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