Adoption of Electric Trucks in Freight Transportation

Transportation sector is the largest contributor of global greenhouse gas emissions in the USA. Disruptive technological changes in this sector, such as alternative fuel vehicles, are crucial for emission reduction. This report analyzes how a cost-minimizing strategic transition plan can be developed for a transportation firm that aims to adopt electric trucks in their fully diesel fleet, over time.

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Beginners Guide to Electric Vehicles

This introductory guide addresses common questions to help drivers and fleet managers with their transition to EVs.

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Electric Vehicle Fleet Modeling Project 2013 Summary Report

This summary report provides key elements and results of Plug In BC's EV adoption program, which provided an EV suitability assessment service to help fleets make the business and environmental case f...

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Planning for Charging Infrastructure: A Toolkit

This guide highlights lessons learned from local government EV planning & implementation processes under BC's Clean Energy Vehicle program. It includes information on types of vehicles, charging stati...

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