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EV Infrastructure Location Identification Tool


The tool was developed using a GIS-based analysis to evaluate the existing EV charging network and utilized a focused dataset to identify possible suitable locations for future EV infrastructure development. These tools are focused on public direct current fast charging infrastructure along over 12,500 miles of key EV corridors in the 12-state Transportation and Climate Initiative region (Virginia to Maine, including D.C.), and North Carolina.

EV Infrastructure Location Identification Tool2019-11-05T16:00:34-05:00

Seattle EVSE Siting Model


Seattle’s Dynamic Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Siting Model is a GIS-based tool to guide EVSE deployments that align with the City’s priorities and the EV Shared Mobility Project’s objectives. The model includes a variety of different data sources that are nearly all publicly available.

Seattle EVSE Siting Model2019-10-10T16:48:17-04:00

Medium Duty Battery Electric Vehicle TCO Calculator


NACFE designed a total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator to allow fleets to compare investment in one or several diesel or gasoline powered baseline trucks against an equivalent battery electric alternative. The calculator includes factors NACFE found relevant to this comparison.

Medium Duty Battery Electric Vehicle TCO Calculator2020-05-20T14:59:40-04:00

Diesel Emissions Quantifier (DEQ)


Evaluates clean diesel projects and upgrade options for medium-heavy and heavy-heavy duty diesel engines. Provides an interactive, web-based tool for users with little or no modeling experience....

Diesel Emissions Quantifier (DEQ)2018-12-11T16:02:42-05:00

Shore Power Emissions Calculator


The Shore Power Emissions Calculator can be used to estimate how harmful air pollutants could be reduced at U.S. ports through the use of shore power systems; benefiting air quality, human health, the...

Shore Power Emissions Calculator2018-12-11T16:03:01-05:00

EV Watt Plan


Calculator to calculate energy savings potential hosted by Hawaiian Electric for customers and powered by Clean Power Research

EV Watt Plan2018-12-11T15:53:16-05:00

Shared Mobility Toolkit


The toolkit is designed to help cities understand the impact of emerging transportation solutions, identify appropriate policy actions and set goals to maximize the benefits of shared mobility....

Shared Mobility Toolkit2018-12-11T15:55:52-05:00