REV UP: A Nationwide Study of the Electric Vehicle Shopping Experience

This report presents the findings of the Sierra Club's recent nationwide investigation into the shopping experience for consumer EVs. The report results show that 74 percent of auto dealerships surveyed do not have a single EV on their lot for sale and that consumers were still not being given important information about charging, battery range, and financial incentives.

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Transforming Transportation in New York: Roadmaps to a Transportation Climate Target for 2035

This report shows that by adopting a goal of reducing motor vehicle emissions 55% by 2035 from 1990 levels and implementing a suite of familiar and achievable policies, New York can ensure the transportation sector is on track to meet economy-wide goals, improve public health and the environment, retain billions of dollars in the state’s economy, and promote an equitable transportation sector transformation.

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Rev Up EVs

The first-ever multistate study of the EV shopping experience.

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