On July 27th, CARB approved the first of four plans by Volkswagen to invest $800 million over 10 years in zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) infrastructure, public outreach, and access to these ultra-clean vehicles for residents of disadvantaged communities. The California ZEV Investment Plan is part of a multi-pronged settlement agreement. The first $200 million invested in California will build the basic charging network around the State, launch the multi-lingual public outreach and education campaign, and begin ZEV access projects, including the first “Green City” project. Electrify America has chosen Sacramento as the first of two Green Cities, in which it will provide a set of ZEV initiatives that are accessible to city inhabitants and offer residents better quality of life through enhanced mobility and improved air quality. This will include charging stations and access to ZEVs for car sharing, and other “ride and drive” opportunities. A second Green City in a disadvantaged community will be selected in a later phase of the investment.

(hat tip to Austin Brown)