South Dakota has released their draft mitigation plan and is accepting public comment. Below is a list of mitigation plans the state is proposing to take with its funds:

  1. Budget approximately 50% of the Trust funds to replace and scrap 1992-2009 model year Class 8 Local Freight Trucks (Heavy-Duty) and Class 4-7 Local Freight Trucks (Medium-Duty). [Category 1 and 6 – Large and Medium Trucks]
  2. Fund Category 2 vehicles (School, Shuttle, and Transit Buses ) using Category 10 (DERA Option) but if the response for projects is extensive in a particular year, the Department may provide funding for Category 2 vehicles at approximately 10% of the Trust funds.
  3. Fund Category 9 (EV charging) at approximately 5%.
  4. Use Trust funds to meet the State’s Clean Diesel Grant Program’s non-federal voluntary match. In meeting the voluntary match equal to the base allocation offered by the EPA, the EPA will provide a matching incentive equal to 50% of the base allocation. Based on federal fiscal year 2017 DERA award, it is expected that South Dakota will use approximately 25% to meet the non-federal voluntary match.
  5. Use 10% of funds to cover administrative expenses.

Please submit public comments to Barb Regynski by June 15, 2018

(hat tip to Barb Regynski)