South Dakota has released their draft mitigation plan and is accepting public comment. Below is a list of mitigation plans the state is proposing to take with its funds:

  1. Budget approximately 50% of the Trust funds to replace and scrap 1992-2009 model year Class 8 Local Freight Trucks (Heavy-Duty) and Class 4-7 Local Freight Trucks (Medium-Duty). [Category 1 and 6 – Large and Medium Trucks]
  2. Fund Category 2 vehicles (School, Shuttle, and Transit Buses ) using Category 10 (DERA Option) but if the response for projects is extensive in a particular year, the Department may provide funding for Category 2 vehicles at approximately 10% of the Trust funds.
  3. Fund Category 9 (EV charging) at approximately 5%.
  4. Use Trust funds to meet the State’s Clean Diesel Grant Program’s non-federal voluntary match. In meeting the voluntary match equal to the base allocation offered by the EPA, the EPA will provide a matching incentive equal to 50% of the base allocation. Based on federal fiscal year 2017 DERA award, it is expected that South Dakota will use approximately 25% to meet the non-federal voluntary match.
  5. Use 10% of funds to cover administrative expenses.

Please submit public comments to Barb Regynski by June 15, 2018

Download the Draft Mitigation Plan
Visit South Dakota’s VW Settlement Website

(hat tip to Barb Regynski)