The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is requesting information from interested parties to help inform Florida’s draft Beneficiary Mitigation Plan under the prospective Volkswagen Mitigation Trust Fund.

Interested parties can view and download the six separate Requests for Information (RFI) from the State’s Vendor Bid System website at

Once at this site, please follow the steps listed below:

  • Click “Search Advertisements”
  • Under the “Agency” search field, select the “Department of Environmental Protection” and click on “Initiate Search”
  • Click on the applicable RFI number

These RFIs are for informational purposes only. Responding to one or more of these RFIs is not a prerequisite for and does not guarantee participation in any potential mitigation project or program.

The deadline to provide information is June 23, 2017.

Please visit DEP’s Volkswagen webpage for additional information on Florida’s activities related to the Volkswagen Mitigation Trust Fund.