North Carolina announced the opening of its first round of funding for VW Settlement awards on June 17, 2019. RFPs for bus and vehicle replacement and DC fast charging programs will open on July 1, 2019 and close September 30, 2019. This round of funding includes $24.5 million for bus and vehicle replacement, at least 40 percent of which will target school buses. The remaining $3.4 million will be allocated for fast charging projects along designated corridors. 

North Carolina is splitting their funding into three main phases. Phase one will allocate roughly 33 percent of the state’s total $87 million in settlement funds. Other project categories covered in phase one include a 10 percent funding allocation to both clean medium- and heavy-duty off-road and on-road trucks and equipment. The state also plans to tap DERA funds to expand these programs. All fuel types are eligible for funding, although the mitigation plan specifies that at least five percent of school bus replacement funds will be used to procure electric school buses.  

(hat tip to Brian Phillips)