On September 5, 2018, New York State released its Beneficiary Mitigation Plan to outline the use of their $127.7 million in VW settlement funds. A breakdown of the funds by action item is below.

New York plans to devote at least 60% of its funds toward the electrification of both on- and off-road equipment. “The plan seeks to prioritize the replacement of diesel vehicles and equipment with all-electric replacements.”

The state will continue to accept comments as they move forward with the plan. The comments may be submitted to VWsettlement@dec.ny.gov.


Funding Category Eligible Mitigation Action(s) Allocation %

Class 8 Local Freight & Port Drayage Trucks


Up to 9%

Class 4-8 School Bus, Shuttle us or Transit Bus

2 At least 40.5%
Freight Switchers 3 Up to 6%
Ferries/Tugs 4 2.5%
Class 4-7 Local Freight Trucks 6 7%
Airport Ground Support Equipment 7 2.5%
Forklifts and Port Handling Equipment 8 1%
Light Duty Zero Emission Vehicle Supply Equipment 9


Federal Diesel Emission Reduction Act 10


Administrative Costs (excluding Light Duty EVSE) N/A 8.5%

(hat tip to Luke Tonachel)