On November 5th, Nevada became one of the first states to award a portion of its VW Settlement funds after announcing 12 projects worth $6.6 million; the state has $24.8 million from the settlement to invest in mitigating mobile source emissions.

The state received 37 applicants in this funding round. In an effort to accelerate transportation electrification, the state dedicated a significant portion of its funds to the electrification of airport ground support equipment. Below is a table showing the repowering/replacement strategy and funding for Nevada’s projects.


Type of Action Vehicles Updated # of Vehicles Updated Sum of Funds
Convert to Electric Airport Ground Support Equipment 163 $5,371,880.12
Diesel Replacement School Buses 12 $672,701.13
Diesel to Natural Gas

Transit Buses (5)

Refuse Trucks (5)

10 $500,000.00
Diesel Repower Airport Shuttle Buses 5 $90,000.00
Total   190 $6,634,581.25

(hat tip to Will Toor)