The Missouri Department of Natural Resources finalized their spending plan for Volkswagen Settlement Funds (Beneficiary Mitigation Plan) on August 6, 2018. Funding allocations have not changed significantly since the draft plan and are detailed  below.

The Missouri DNR also opened up applications for school bus replacements using VW and DERA funds through September 14, 2018.

Finally, the department will hold a public meeting on August 30th in Jefferson City to present information about the beneficiary mitigation plan, implementation guidelines, and the school bus application round. 

Funding Category Eligible Mitigation Action(s) Allocation %
School Buses 2 29%
Government Trucks 1, 6 15%
Transit and Shuttle Buses 2 10%
Nongovernment Trucks 1, 6 14.5%
Locomotive and Marine 3, 4 5%
Airport and Cargo Equipment 7, 8 5%
DERA Option 10 7%
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations 9 15%