On June 27th, Electrify America submitted a Supplement to its first 30-month ZEV Investment Plan which can be found here. Information about how to submit comments on the Plan Supplement can be found here. CARB staff will summarize the Plan and Supplement at a Board hearing later this summer.  At the hearing, CARB staff will provide an assessment of how well the Plan and Supplement, together, align with the requirements of the Consent Decree. The Board will then act on the Plan and Supplement.  A Public Agenda for the Board hearing, including the exact date, time, and location, will be released at least 10 days before the hearing, including via email to the vw-zevinvest listserv.  Interested parties can subscribe to the vw-zevinvest listserv here.

On May 24, 2017, CARB requested Electrify America (a subsidiary of Volkswagen responsible for implementing the ZEV Investment Commitment) provide additional information on its first 30-month ZEV Investment Plan (Plan).