There are four ways we’ll reach out to you:

  1. EV Hub Weekly Digest: On a weekly basis, we’ll send out a newsletter to give everyone a summary of what’s happening on the EV Hub. The newsletter will contain links to new content on the Hub, notable events, and a summary of transportation electrification from our perspective.
  2. Public Requests Reminder: On a weekly basis, we’ll send you a summary of outstanding public requests, including requests for comment or requests for proposal. 
  3. Legislation Tracking: On a monthly basis, we share a round up of activity in state houses nationwide.
  4. Occasional Emails: As an EV Hub user, we’ll also let you know about events or other key happenings as they come up. For example, we’ll let you know if we’re hosting another meeting on the VW settlement.

For the Weekly Digest, Legislation Tracking, and the Public Requests Reminder, you can manage your email preferences on the Notifications section of your Account page. We recommend you stay subscribed to all. If a type of alert becomes too much, you can always setup a rule in your email client to automatically move those emails to a folder and read them at your own pace. Here’s how to setup a rule like that in the Microsoft Outlook desktop app, Outlook on the web, or Gmail.