We have a very simple user license agreement because we want you to use the content from the EV Hub in your everyday work. We make our content available in spreadsheet form, as charts, as PowerPoint files, etc., because we want to put the content in a form that’s easily digested and re-packaged by you. With that said, we need to make sure we’re given credit for the many hours of work it took for us to put together all of this content.

If you want to share something internally with your colleagues at your organization, we ask that you properly cite the Atlas EV Hub as your source. Any standard citation format will do. Here’s an example of the IEEE format (our favorite):

Source: Atlas Public Policy, “Atlas EV Hub,” 2021 [Online]. Available: https://www.atlasevhub.com

If you want to share anything outside your organization, you must first ask for our permission. Most often, we’ll simply ask for you to cite us, because we want this information out there and for you to educate your audience on transportation electrification!