Underserved Communities

Increasing Community Impact With Meaningful Engagement


In this webinar, Forth and multiple community leaders will share insights on opportunities and best practices for public engagement with low-income and minority communities. Join us to learn about moving beyond traditional public meetings as the basis for engagement and emerging avenues for centering community needs in electric transportation projects.

Increasing Community Impact With Meaningful Engagement2024-01-24T14:18:51-05:00

Community Engagement in Transportation


The Joint Office of Energy and Transportation (Joint Office) will host a webinar on community engagement in transportation. In addition to Joint Office staff, the audience will hear from Equitable Cities, an urban planning, public policy, and research firm; two state departments of transportation (DOT); and state representatives from the Clean Cities Coalition Network.

Community Engagement in Transportation2023-04-04T10:01:12-04:00

EVs and the IRA


Image Source: Shutterstock by Orhan Cam.  It was an announcement only the psychics of America could’ve seen coming. On Wednesday evening, Senator Manchin and Senator Schumer announced that they had reached a deal on [...]

EVs and the IRA2022-12-13T20:17:35-05:00