Fast Charger TN Network Solicitation Webinar

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The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) are partnering to develop a statewide electric vehicle (EV) fast charging network to power the growth of EVs across Tennessee and reduce barriers to transportation electrification. Specifically, the two have signed an agreement to collaborate and fund a network of fast charging stations every 50 miles along Tennessee’s interstates and major highways. The “Fast Charge TN Network” will add approximately 50 new charging locations along prioritized corridor infrastructure gaps, tripling Tennessee’s existing fast charging network. TDEC and TVA are now seeking initial project proposals from TVA-served Local Power Companies (LPCs) and other local utilities that distribute electricity in Tennessee whose service territory is located along prioritized corridor gaps (eligible applicants) to develop the Fast Charge TN Network across Tennessee. Later rounds of funding may expand applicant eligibility to include local governmental entities, private companies, and/or non-profits.