EV Hub Live Episode #3: Utility Role in EVs Coming Into Focus

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Electric utility engagement in transportation electrification has been rapidly expanding in recent years. As the role of the utility in advancing EVs comes into focus, the extent to which they will accelerate EV deployment is a hot topic. Investments alone are up more than three times compared to 2019 with two recent approvals in New York and California. On July 16, 2020, six utilities across New York were approved to invest $700 million in EV charging throughout the state. This could support more than 53,000 Level 2 and 1,500 DC fast charging stations. On the other side of the country, Southern California Edison got the green light to invest $436 million in their Charge Ready 2 program on August 27, 2020. This approval clears the way for an additional 40,000 Level 2 and 200 DC fast charging stations to their service territory. 

In this episode of EV Hub Live, we’ll talk with Patty Monahan from the California Energy Commission and Phil Jones from the Alliance for Transportation Electrification about the role of the utility in advancing transportation electrification and where they see things headed in the near term. This episode will be co-hosted by our founder, Nick Nigro, and Kellen Schefter of the Edison Electric Institute.

Join the live recording of the podcast here: https://www.atlasevhub.com/ev-hub-live/episode-003 

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