Dashboard for Rapid Vehicle Electrification (DRVE) Tool Release and Overview

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The Electrification Coalition and Atlas Public Policy released a new online tool that allows vehicle fleet managers to conduct cost and emissions analysis of various pathways to electric vehicle adoption. The Dashboard for Rapid Vehicle Electrification – or DRVE Tool – offers fleets a quick and easy way to gather customized insights about how to maximize cost and emissions savings.

With just a few clicks, the DRVE Tool allows users to easily upload existing fleet data in any of a variety of formats and immediately view a data-rich analysis of which models of EVs in which applications can offer the greatest emissions and cost benefits. The tool produces detailed results customized to the user’s ZIP code and fleet composition, revealing percent savings by EV model, total cost of ownership of EV models under different electricity prices and side-by-side cost comparisons of conventional vehicles in a range of applications.

Users can take advantage of granular controls on fuel prices, electricity prices, leasing terms, annual vehicle miles traveled, charging scenarios and other factors to weigh scenarios with a high degree of specificity. The DRVE tool spans the light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicle classes to offer a comprehensive picture of selected scenarios displayed as interactive charts and graphs. Users can download the results into a print-ready report.