EEI and Atlas have partnered to give one year of free access to the EV Hub for all EEI members through at least April 30, 2020. Please fill out the form below to get on the Hub! 

EV Hub Website Account and Office 365 Group

The EV Hub is primarily a website, but it’s also a Microsoft Office 365 Group. We currently use the Office 365 Group for file sharing through a Microsoft SharePoint site and for our workgroups through Microsoft Teams.

As part of joining the EV Hub, we will grant you access to our Office 365 Group.

You can use your Office 365 account to also access the EV Hub website by linking these accounts once you've become an EV Hub user.

See our help page for more information.

Enter the password you'd like to use to access the EV Hub website.

Tell us how you we should add you to our Office 365 Group.

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Let us know your contact details and we'll add you to the EV Directory if you join the EV Hub.
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