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Licenses provide 12 months of access. Let us know what kind of license you're requesting. For NGOs and companies, a coworker may have already attained licenses. We'll let you know. Details on license costs and license agreement are available at

Note: Licenses are free for public agencies and Clean Cities Coordinators

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The EV Hub is a website and a Microsoft Office 365 Group. The Office 365 Group gives you access to the EV Hub SharePoint site for file-sharing purposes. Your organization may already use Microsoft Office 365 for your work email. If you're not sure, you can ask your IT department. If your organization doesn't use Office 365, then you can link your email address to a Microsoft Account on your own or ask us to create a custom username/password to access our file-sharing site. See our help page for more information.

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EV Hub Workgroups help to enhance the information available on EV Hub and expand the platform to cover new topics relevant to your work. You can join a workgroup right now or sign up for one later by editing your profile.

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We'll process your registration as soon as possible, usually within a few hours. If you're required to buy a user license, you'll receive a welcome email with a link to an invoice. You'll need to pay that invoice via credit card or bank transfer before we'll grant you access to the EV Hub. If you have any questions about paying for the invoice, send us an email at

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