Revolutionizing The Electric Car Buying Process

The demand for electric vehicles is growing rapidly and automakers are providing an increasing number of EV models for consumers. Electric vehicles provide benefits to both consumers and the environment, but dealerships still find it hard to make electric sales. At our October networking event, we will discuss strategies to educate consumers and dealers [...]

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Dealership Engagement: Making The EV Case to Dealerships

Engaging dealerships is a crucial marker in the mass adoption of electric vehicles. Due to several barriers, most auto dealers are not equipped to effectively sell electric cars. The biggest challenge to engaging dealers to grow electric car sales is the lack of knowledge about electric vehicles. This webinar will address the barriers facing [...]

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Electrifying Shared Mobility Hubs Webinar

During this webinar, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will present its Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Roadmap for Shared Mobility Hubs (“EVSE Roadmap”) to provide improved connections to public transit via electrically-powered shared mobility services such as car share and ride-hail services. Shannon Walker, SDOT’s Strategic Advisor on Electric Vehicles, will share the [...]

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Atlanta and Seattle Named Bloomberg’s First American Cities Climate Challenge Winners

On September 14th Mike Bloomberg named Atlanta and Seattle in the first round of winning cities in the American Cities Climate Challenge. The cities were praised for their ambitious climate action plans and their specific projects aimed at the transit and buildings sectors. The winning cities will be provided resources and support in addition [...]

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