Federal Government, Stakeholders Bring Transportation Equity into Focus

Source: Greenlining Last week, the Biden Administration unveiled a sweeping $2 trillion infrastructure package. Heralded as a “once-in-a-generation investment” in the nation’s critical infrastructure, the plan includes a clear focus on addressing racial inequity and climate change. The Administration has proposed funding the investments through a partial rollback of the Trump Administration corporate tax [...]

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California Leadership: 100% Zero-Emissions for New Cars and Trucks by 2035

Focus continues on the goal to support the Governor's Executive Order N-79-20 requiring all new cars and trucks sold in California be zero emissions by 2035. Veloz has assembled top leaders from key sectors in transportation electrification to talk candidly about the challenges and opportunities of meeting this goal.   Join Veloz's Executive Director, [...]

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CARB’s Project 800 Zero-Emission Truck Forum

The Project 800 initiative aims to support the deployment of zero-emission trucks serving California ports by setting a goal of 800 zero-emission drayage truck orders in 2021. These 800 trucks represent a pathway toward jump-starting the sector and paving the way for more zero-emission trucks in the near future. To kick off this effort, [...]

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EV Hub Adds Localized California Electric Vehicle Registration Data

Source: EV Hub he State EV Registration Data Dashboard now has local (ZIP code- or county-level) EV registration data for the top five EV markets in the United States. We recently added California, the nation’s largest EV market, bringing the total number of states for which we have local EV registration data to 15, [...]

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SDG&E’s Rate for Separately-Metered EVs Approved

On October 30, 2020, the CPUC approved with modification San Diego Gas & Electric Company's proposed new rate for separately-metered electric vehicle charging loads with an aggregated maximum demand of 20 kilowatts or greater (Electric Vehicle High Power "EV-HP" rate), excluding single-family residential customers. The EV-HP rate replaces the demand charge with a subscription [...]

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PG&E Files Commercial EV Rate

On October 23, 2020, PG&E filed a new commercial EV rate. The pilot seeks to evaluate customer understanding and supporting technology for a dynamic rate that can change every day, from hour-to-hour. Through the program, the utility seeks to provide lower cost charging for fleet EVs while also capturing grid benefits associated with off-peak [...]

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California Continues Charge with New EV Infrastructure Requirements

Source: Proterra California continues to advance clean air legislation and regulations amid an ongoing season of particularly devastating wildfires. On September 30, Governor Gavin Newsom singed Assembly Bill 841 into law requiring utilities to cover the costs of grid upgrades and infrastructure on the utility side of the meter necessary to support EV charging deployment. This significantly [...]

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EV Hub Live Episode #3: Utility Role in EVs Coming Into Focus

Electric utility engagement in transportation electrification has been rapidly expanding in recent years. As the role of the utility in advancing EVs comes into focus, the extent to which they will accelerate EV deployment is a hot topic. Investments alone are up more than three times compared to 2019 with two recent approvals in [...]

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California to Ban Sale of New Gas Vehicles by 2035

California, the nation's largest vehicle market, has announced that the sale of new gasoline passenger cars and trucks will be banned after 2035. The ban comes as a result of an Executive Order from Governor Gavin Newsom and directly addresses the state's long-term climate goals amid an ongoing season of particularly extreme wildfires. The next [...]

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West Coast EV Uptake Three Times the National Average

Source: ICCT   New research from the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) found that EV uptake varied widely across metro areas throughout the United States in 2019. While the national EV uptake rate was two percent of new light-duty vehicle sales, rates were as high as seven percent on the West Coast. The [...]

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