Further Battery Innovation on the Horizon

Source: GM Transportation electrification has been at the top of the news cycle throughout 2021 with stories of both boom and bust for automakers, startups, and other companies seeking to generate capital through stock offerings. It has been a wild ride for companies like Nikola, Lucid Motors, Canoo, Workhorse, Fisker, and Lordstown Motors, all of which [...]

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Innovations in Battery Technology and Supply Chain Expected in 2021

Source: ICCT Last week, we highlighted the anticipated drop in battery prices that continues to make EVs more competitive with conventional vehicles. Analysts at Morgan Stanley predict that falling battery prices are one factor in addition to a surge new models that will lead to a 50 percent increase in global EV sales in 2021. [...]

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13 Percent Drop in EV Battery Prices Anticipated in 2020

Source: BNEF EVs are becoming increasingly cost competitive with conventional vehicles according to forthcoming analysis from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). The group’s annual battery price index is expected on December 16th and projects a 13 percent decline in the cost of batteries between 2019 and 2020. BNEF estimates a battery pack price [...]

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