Electric Vehicles

Electric Trucks and Buses Overview

This report provides an overview of bus and truck electrification in the United States. Electrification in the medium- and heavy-duty vehicle sector is increasing in the United States with California leading the way. This report draws on recent research from the ICF and other sources to present information on electric bus and truck deployment, market conditions, and some background on supportive public policies.

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The surge of electric vehicles in United States cities

The brief analyzes different policy action at the state, local, and utility level and their effects on EV uptake across the United States. It highlights examples across 50 of the most populous metropolitan areas in the country to emphasize successful programs encouraging both EV adoption and charging infrastructure deployment.

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L.A.’s Green New Deal: Sustainable City Plan 2019

This report is the first four-year update to the 2015 pLAn. It augments, expands, and elaborates in even more detail L.A.’s vision for a sustainable future, including climate change policy. This report is also referred to as L.A.'s Green New Deal.

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Amping Up: Charging Infrastructure for Electric Trucks

This website contains a report and tool that aims to lay out a roadmap for the development and expansion of charging infrastructure servicing electric trucks. The report suggests steps for fleet operators to follow when pursuing electrification plans.

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Business Driving Demand for Electric Vehicles

This paper shows how EV100, a consortium of 31 major companies with $0.5 trillion in revenue between them, are taking major steps towards electrification of their vehicle fleets. It also discusses how...

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When does electrifying shared mobility make economic sense?

This report assesses the timing of cost effectively electrifying shared mobility fleets in U.S. cities, focusing on ride-hailing. The authors developed a total cost of operation metric for conventiona...

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