On January 8, 2020, New York Governor Cuomo delivered the “State of the State” address where he outlined the administration’s policy priorities for 2020. Transportation electrification will be a major part of state’s climate change mitigation strategy in the coming years, building on existing programs to increase EV adoption and charging deployment, including Charge NY. 

The state plans to implement a four-part initiative to accelerate EV market growth. First, the state is committing to fully electrify transit buses by 2035.  Second, the Department of Public Services will direct all investor-owned electric utilities in the state to conduct the necessary make-ready investments to facilitate rapid expansion of the public charging network. This investment will be supplemented by public funding from the New York Power Authority and NYSERDA who will join forces to install more than 800 new DC fast charging stations by 2025. 

The other two features of the initiative include the creation of a task force to finance research and development on future technologies within the EV sector and a $100 million investment in the New York Green Bank seeking to attract EV-sector manufacturers to promote industry growth and job creation in the state. This will coincide with expansion of the statewide auto technician training program to include EVs. 

(hat tip to Adam Ruder)