On September 10, 2020, Xcel Energy Minnesota filed its proposed Multi-Dwelling Unit Electric Vehicle Service Pilot Program. The program includes utility investment in make-ready infrastructure for MDU charging stations. For MDUs with assigned parking, the utility would own and operate the EVSE. For MDUs with shared parking, building owners have the option of providing their own EVSE or having the utility own and operate the EVSE for an additional fee. EVSE must be capable of smart charging and must take service under the TOU rate developed for utility’s Residential TOU Rate Pilot. For affordable housing units, the utility will cover 100% of the make-ready costs. For market-based units, the percentage of make-ready costs covered by the utility decreased over three tranches. The program includes education and outreach and specifies that outreach to low-income housing units will be tailored for that segment.

Initial Filing