On April 19, 2021, SDG&E was approved to invest in an extension and modification of the Power Your Drive (PYD) program worth $43.5 million. The decision set a 50 percent underserved community investment target. SDG&E will install and own the make-ready charging infrastructure (SDG&E can only own 80% of the customer-side make-ready installations) at workplaces and MUDs as well as the charging ports at MUDs in DACs. For MUDs not in DACs, a rebate will be offered but the rebate amount was not established in the Order. Instead, SDG&E must file an Advice Letter within 90 days of this Order establishing the rebate amount. Workplace site hosts may recieve a rebate to offset cost of EVSE (50% of costs up tp $2,000/port for regular sites and 100% of costs up to $2,000/port for sites in DACs). The Extension Program will deploy approximately 2,000 Level 2 charging ports over two years. 

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