Filing status updates from February include Portland General Electric’s filing of an electric vehicle (EV) charging pilot program and the suspension of Consolidated Edison’s tariff.

Portland General Electric submitted its proposed EV charging pilot program on February 15, 2019. A previous program had been withdrawn in 2017. PGE proposes to support the deployment of over 3,600 Level 2 residential charging stations and 600 Level 2 or DCFC charging stations at workplaces, public locations, for fleets, multi-family dwellings, or mass transit applications (DCFC only allowed for these). The electric utility proposes to install, own, and operate a majority of the charging stations. The program is estimated to have a total net cost of $5.4 M.

Consolidated Edison’s filing was part of a larger rate filing. Changes to the Business Incentive Rates include proposing to provide separate electric facilities for the purpose of providing publicly accessible Electric Vehicle Fast Charging, at no cost, to eligible customers of the EV Quick Charging Station Program, a change in terms, and a new provision. The decision on February 6, 2019 suspended tariffs until June 29, 2019.

Read the Portland General Electric Filing
Read the Consolidated Edison Decision

(hat tip to Jeff Allen and Noah Garcia)