We missed a few filing updates from May, including a new proposal from Indiana Michigan Power Company and a joint filing from New York State Gas and Electric and Rochester Gas and Electric. Both filings propose new investment in transportation electrification programs. 

As a part of the statewide Reforming the Energy Vision initiative, New York State Electric & Gas Corporation and Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation filed a joint program on May 20, 2019 to support the deployment of  2,310 Level 2 chargers, 122 DCFCs, and 28 transit bus chargers through make-ready infrastructure and own and operate 14 DCFCs in locations that may not be attractive for third-party investment. This program includes a smart charging program which will influence the time when customers charge their vehicles to ensure load optimization and improve demand response capacities. This will be supplemented by a customer engagement component. The program is worth $29 million in total and expands investment in program areas covered in earlier filings seeking to expand the public fast charging network.  

On May 14, 2019, Indiana Michigan Power Company filed the “IM Plugged in Pilot Program,” which seeks to integrate customer incentives with off-peak charging. The three-year pilot includes $500 rebates for up to 1,000 residential and small commercial customers for each year of the pilot to offset the costs of charger installation. This is supplemented with a new residential-only rate promotion which will be facilitated by separate smart meters. The pilot also includes $250 rebates or an increased revenue credit to reduce the customer’s contribution to utility construction expenses for up to 100 multi-unit dwelling customers and 100 commercial or industrial customers for each year of the pilot. These rebates do not include a new rate promotion. The $2.1 million program also includes customer education and outreach. 

Read the Indiana Michigan Power Initial Filing

(hat tip to Michelle Zaccagnino)