On July 16, 2020, the New York Public Service Commission authorized six New York utilities to invest in make-ready EV charging and environmental justice pilot programs with a statewide budget of up to $701 million, $206 million of which will directly benefit environmental justice and low- or moderate-income communities. Investment through the program will also include $35 million for medium- and heavy-duty electrification pilots and four of the six utilities were approved to invest in transit bus electrification  projects. Consolidated Edison was approved to invest the most at a total program value of $290 million while Orange & Rockland Utilities will only invest $23 million. The program could support up to 53,773 Level 2 and 1,500 DC fast chargers across the state. 

Prior to this approval, the commission had approved an up to $31.6 M DC fast charging incentive program for these six investor-owned electric utilities on the same docket. Under this program, the electric utilities will provide incentives for publicly accessible DCFC stations, with decreasing annual incentives offered every year for up to seven years. Approved maximum stations range between 74 and 300 stations, and incentive investments range between $1.66 M and $9 M, depending on the utility.

Electric Utility Maximum Number of DCFC Maximum Incentive Investment
Consolidated Edison Co. 457 $290,361,000
Orange & Rockland Utilities 71 $23,692,000
Central Hudson Gas & Electric 69 $26,003,000
New York State Electric & Gas 250 $78,417,000
Rochester Gas & Electric 149 $39,526,000
National Grid 504 $142,995,000


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(hat tip to Kathy Harris)