Xcel proposed a Fleet EV Service and Public Charging Pilot in October 2018 along with rate promotions and reporting requirements associated with these programs. On July 17, 2019, the commission approved the pilots and rate promotions with modifications and set reporting requirements. Total investment is valued at more than $23.5 million. The three-year pilots seek to enable make-ready investment for up to 700 charging ports serving fleet vehicles and infrastructure to support an estimated 350 DCFC stations on corridors and at community mobility hubs. The commission requires all charging infrastructure to be “Smart” for participation. In addition, the commission recognizes that the Time of Day rate proposed is not optimal and requires Xcel to submit more appropriate rate mechanisms at future dates unique to each customer class.


Program Number of Charging Stations  Maximum Investment
Fleet EV Service Pilot 700 $14,395,000
Public Charging Pilot  350 $9,201,000


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