On September 30, 2019, the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities rejected a majority of a $162 million program from National Grid. If approved, the program would have been the largest approved utility investment in transportation electrification outside of California. In the initial filing, National Grid proposed investment in make-ready DCFC charging infrastructure, investment in make-ready charging infrastructure for non-residential locations (e.g., MUDs, workplaces, colleges, government properties, mass transit stations, and fleet parking), rebates for residential charging infrastructure, and a DCFC demand charge discount tariff. The program also included an evaluation plan, a marketing plan, a fleet advisory education plan, and a research and development program. The program would have supported more than 300 DC fast charging and 17,400 Level 2 charging stations across the state. 

In the decision, the Commission rejected all but three programs. Approved investment is worth $8.8 million and includes a fleet advisory services plan, R&D study on the costs and benefits of co-locating DCFC with storage or solar, and a residential off-peak charging rebate. The main reason the Commission gave for the rejections was the lack of evaluation results from the Phase I EV Program.

California utilities continue to increase their investment in the transportation electrification sector. In a proposed decision on October 4, 2019, the EV Charge Schools and EV Charge Parks program across four California utilities were proposed to be approved. Utilities investing in these programs include Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric, and Liberty Utilities. All together, the programs are valued at more than $55 million and could support more than 900 Level 2 and DC fast charging stations around the state. The programs seek to expand charging infrastructure access at school and state park locations. The table below provides a breakdown of the denied and approved investments across all utilities. 

Electric Utility State Investment Status
National Grid  MA $153.7 million Rejected
National Grid MA $3.2 million Approved with Modification
National Grid MA $5.6 million Approved
Southern California Edison  CA $19.8 million Proposed Approved
Pacific Gas & Electric CA $11.3 million Proposed Approved
San Diego Gas & Electric  CA $19.8 million Proposed Approved
Liberty Utilities CA $4.7 million Proposed Approved


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