On March 1, 2021, in compliance with the Board’s September 23, 2020 Decision and Order No. QO20050357 (“EV Filing Order”), JCP&L is proposing a four-year $49.92 million Electric Vehicle (“EV”) Program (called the “JCP&L EV Driven Program” or “Program”). Under the Program, the Company proposes to offer incentives and rate structures that will support and encourage the development of EV charging infrastructure throughout the Company’s service territory, thereby accelerating the adoption of EVs and providing benefits for JCP&L’s residential, commercial and industrial customers. JCP&L’s EV Driven program consists of six Sub-programs: (1) Residential Customer Sub-program; (2) MixedUse Commercial Sub-program (with three components); (3) DC Fast Charger (“DCFC”) Public Charging Sub-program; (4) Last Resort DCFC Charging Sub-program; (5) Overburdened Communities Sub-program; and (6) Consumer Education and Outreach initiative.

Initial Filing