On July 23, 2021, Dominion Energy Virginia filed an $18.7 million proposal for five new voluntary tariffs to support transportation electrification. The program includes a fleet charging program, a non-residential Level 2 charging program (workplaces, MUDs, retail locations), and a residential Level 2 charging program. For the fleet and non-residential Level 2 programs, the Company would fund 50% of the customer-side make-ready infrastructure, but would provide a turnkey solution to customers for all other parts of the project. For the residential charging program, the utility would install the customer-side make-ready infrastructure and the EVSE. Customers would pay for those infrastructure costs through monthly payments or an upfront payment. For the non-residential and residential programs, there is a 10% carve-out for low-income communities and communities of color. For those customers, the Company would cover all costs associated with a turn-key solution for installing the charging stations. The program also includes an EV charging rate for public, Company-owned Level 2 chargers and public, Company-owned DC fast chargers.

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