The Public Service Commission (PSC) of DC in part approved with modification, and in part rejected the transportation electrification program proposed by Potomac Electric Power Company (Pecpo). Initially proposed in September 2018, the program included many components. The initial filing outlined plans to invest approximately $15 million in programs including ownership and installation of public Level 2 and DC fast charging stations serving both light duty and transit vehicles, rebates for residential and workplace charging station installation, smart charging, and education and outreach programs. 

The PSC approved Pepco’s rate promotion for residential time-of-use charging and approved with modification plans to invest $4.8 million in electric transit bus charging, public DC fast charging and Level 2 charging, and rideshare and taxi charging stations. It was determined that the utility could not own or operate these charging stations, and was instead directed to invest in make-ready system upgrades to support the competitive market. Pepco’s education program and residential charging station rebates valued at over $3.4 million were postponed. Investments worth almost $4.2 million covering workplace charging rebates, residential smart charging rebates, fleet charging stations, and pilot demonstration programs were rejected. 

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