The Colorado Public Utilities Commission rejected Black Hills Energy’s EV TOU Rate on July 15, 2019. They argued that the plan lacked both sufficient specificity and appreciation of the surrounding circumstances. The rate sought to provide approximately 2,800 residential customers access to off-peak rates for EV charging. The commission recognizes the potential benefits of a TOU rate and calls for a more thoughtful approach in the future. They also argued against the low-income customer inclusion in the program, stating that efforts to provide rate relief to low-income customers leads to additional burden upon the remaining customers, many of whom are near-low-income.

On June 7, 2019, the Utility Division of the Arizona Corporation Commission approved an Implementation Plan based on a Policy Statement on Electric Vehicles, EV Infrastructure, and the Electrification of the Transportation Sector in Arizona finalized in January 2019. The implementation plan seeks to direct regulated electric utilities to expand their engagement in transportation electrification programs including make-ready investment in charging infrastructure, education and outreach efforts, and EV rates to encourage smart charging. The language of the plan includes an equity focus. Electric utilities are directed to submit EV Pilots to the Commission by July 1, 2019.

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