On February 17, 2021, Atlantic City Electric was approved to invest in a modified version of their Plug-In Vehicle Program initially filed on February 23, 2018. The utility revised their initial filing in December 2019 and increased the overall budget to $42 million in light of policy developments and EV initiatives that have been developed in New Jersey since 2018. The final approval was for $21 million and includes incentives for public L2 and DCFC as well as residential, MUD, workplace, and fleet charging. The elements proposing electric school bus funding were not approved at this time and the underserved community elements were also not approved. The commission did not provide a reason for denying these investments in the decision.

This approval comes a month after the landmark $166 million approval for Public Service Gas and Electric. The $187 million in total utility approvals makes New Jersey the third-ranking state in terms of approved utility investment in transportation electrification. 


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