Plugged In: A Driver-Centered Approach to Electrifying Rideshare

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This webinar will highlight a driver-centered approach to ridesharing, with a focus on what drivers need to switch to an electric car and how rideshare companies can support their transition. 

The largest Transportation Network Companies (TNC), Uber and Lyft, have established electrification targets and tart-ups such as Go Girl Ride and Earth Rides are also embracing transportation electrification by including electric cars in their fleets. While electric cars are cheaper to operate and maintain than gas-powered cars and prices are becoming more affordable, few rideshare drivers have made the switch to electric. 

Join Forth for the conversation with rideshare companies as we dive into how best to center driver’s needs, such as financing opportunities, access to charging stations, and building in time to charge between rides, as we electrify the ridesharing sector.