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Forth: Next Level Power: Inductive Charging

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Could charging be as easy as parking your car? 

Wireless EV charging, also known as inductive charging, provides drivers the opportunity to fuel-up without plugging in. 

Inductive charging isn’t just for parked vehicles. In 2019, Sweden broke ground on a prototype for an in-road wireless charging network designed to power commercial and public transit vehicles while they drive. 

Many projects are on the way around the globe to highlight the feasibility of inductive charging. Auto manufacturers like BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo, and others are stepping in with investments and pilots. In 2019, BMW launched a pilot program in California for an inductive charging system that’s compatible with the 5-series plug-in hybrid.

In this webinar, Forth will be joined by panelists to discuss the wireless charging standard, current pilots, programs, and more. 


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