DOE Webinar #1: A Business Case for Bidirectional EVs?

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Is There A Business Case For Bidirectional Electric Vehicles And Charging Infrastructure? What are bidirectional electric vehicles? Why may they be important? This is part 1 of a 2 part webinar series, sponsored by DOE’s Office of Technology Transitions, that will host a panel to answer these questions. This panel will describe what bidirectional vehicles are and their capabilities. Some experts warn the grid could reach a reliability tipping point in less than 5 years due to renewables and/or to charging congestion from new electric vehicles (EVs). Storage at DC fast charging sites will help. However, light-, medium- and heavy-duty EVs could become an asset instead of a liability if they are bidirectional. This session will also explore whether EVs have the potential to become as revolutionary as the iPod, providing multiple benefits to end users and reducing total cost of EV ownership. At a high level, we will discuss innovative new business models that integrate energy and transportation as a single, dynamic, symbiotic system. We will explore innovative ways to think about electric vehicle charging infrastructure and bidirectional electric vehicles.

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